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Why drinking Matcha Will Only Make You Feel Better

Matcha is special - it has been known by the Japanese people for centuries and now is widely discovered among the other cultures. Why will drinking matcha only improve your life?






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The latest new products for health, fitness and wellbeing

Two Islands Nightcap

Two Islands Nightcap is a natural herbal elixir supporting relaxation and quality restorative sleep. This synergistic blend helps calm a busy mind and relax the body to support falling asleep and most importantly, staying soundly asleep.

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Nothing Naughty's Fibre 4

Nothing Naughty's Fibre 4 is Plant-Based & Gluten-Free​​​​​​​​ supplement containing a superblend of ingredients and is available in 3 delicious flavours; Salted Caramel, Watermelon or Vanilla​​​​​​​​.

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FITBENCH Comes to NZ with Life Fitness

FITBENCH is the original, all-in-one, space-saving workout bench that contains all the equipment you need for a variety of workouts and available in NZ through Life FItness.

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MeToday Plant Collagen+ New Additions

MeToday Plant Collagen+ is your 100% natural, plant-derived collagen range and they’ve just added a solid Balm Cleanser, Jojoba Exfoliant, and Dual Mist Toner to the range.

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Nutrition And The Menstrual Cycle - How To Regain Control Of Your Healthy Eating

A woman's appetite, food preference and adherence to a healthy eating plan can be hugely influenced by hormones. What has the largest effect on our hormones?

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Incontinence and exercise at any stage post birth

So, you wouldn’t classify yourself as a new mom? Yet you are experiencing leaking during exercise. Leaking (incontinence) during exercise or with a cough, sneeze, fright, or laugh is common. But let’s not normalise it...let’s do something about it.

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10 Winter Wellness Tips To Get You Through The Season

Staying healthy in all seasons is important, but the winter can feel difficult! Here are some winter wellness tips to help you through the cold season.

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10 Tips To Balance Your Social Life And Exercise

Trying to balance having a social life and keeping active, is totally possible! Here's our 10 top tips.

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12 Of The Best Home Workouts You Can Do During Lockdown

Motivation is hard at the best of times but during a lockdown, it can be even harder. Lockdown is no holiday though and your fitness routine shouldn't go on one during it so here's 12 home workouts you can do during lockdown

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Why Do I Get Post Workout Muscle Soreness

You might find after jumping back into exercise and completing a hard workout, your body is left feeling achy and sore. There’s a reason for this, and it is called DOMS!

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Why You Should Start Meditating In 2022

6 benefits to meditation and why you should start meditating in 2022!

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Cultivating A Winning Mindset For Both Your Fitness And Your Personal Life

If you develop the WARRIOR mentality, nothing and no one can come between you and the realisation of your dream, whatever it may be. Start thinking and acting like the person you want to be: this is the first step to becoming one.

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Restoring Balance With 4 Simple Mindfulness Practices

Daily mindfulness can help us stay in the present moment, relieve feelings of stress and anxiety and improve our overall holistic health. Here we outline 4 ways to practise mindfulness every day

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Why Drinking Matcha Will Only Make You Feel Better

Matcha is special - it has been known by the Japanese people for centuries and now is widely discovered among the other cultures. Why will drinking matcha only improve your life?

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Best Foods For Muscle Recovery

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in ensuring that the work done is truly beneficial for the muscles and the entire body, but what foods should we be eating after our workout?

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How to read nutrition labels

The nutrition label in a product provides valuable information on what is inside and how much of your daily recommended intake is included in each serve. But it can be confusing. Understanding the information on a nutrition label can help make decisions on what to eat much easier.

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Roasted Eggplant with Spiced Yoghurt, Mint & Pomegranate

Eggplant has the most amazing flavour when cooked right and roasting it is one of the easiest ways! The spices, creamy yoghurt, fresh mint, and pops of pomegranate pair so well together for a beautiful Mediterranean-inspired dish.

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Breakfast Protein Mocha Smoothie

When chocolate and coffee combine, this Breakfast Protein Mocha Smoothie is a delicious breakfast pick me up to start your day

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