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25min Full Body Workout With Sarah's Day

Try this 25min workout with Aussie health & fitness star Sarah's Day for a full body sweaty workout!

Get ready for the ULTIMATE full body, fat burning, no equipment needed workout with Aussie YouTube star and one half of The Health Code Podcast Sarah's Day! This entire workout can be completed in a little less than 25mins in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a little bit of space (preferably a workout mat or towel) and YOURSELF! Get ready to get sweaty sissy!


The Workout

This 25min full body cardio bodyweight workout is broken into 3 circuits.

Each circuit contains 4 exercises. Each exercise is done for 30secs before moving to the next.


Circuit 1

1. Squat Pivot Punch
2. Lateral Raise (Left Leg)
3. Lateral Raise (Right leg) 
4. Burpees

Complete total 3 times. Rest 30secs after each 'Exercise 4'.
Rest 45secs then start Circuit 2.


Circuit 2

1. Diagonal Dish Tuck
2. Crossbody Mountain Climber Sumo Squat
3. Sumo Squat Pivot
4. Tricep Push-up

Complete total 3 times. Rest 30secs after each 'Exercise 4'.
Rest 45secs then start Circuit 3.


Circuit 3

1. Boat Rocks
2. Reverse Lunge Shot Through (Left Leg) 
3. Reverse Lunge Shot Through (Right Leg)
4. High Knees / Squat Jump

Complete total 3 times. Rest 30secs after each 'Exercise 4'.

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About the Trainer

Sarah's Day

Sarah's Day is an Aussie holistic, health and fitness YouTuber with a love for functional fitness, creating healthy recipes, healing the body naturally and utilising home remedies! Her mottos in life are simple - 1. Listen to your body, and 2. Act confident and no-one will question you.

She has two 8 week fitness guides, activewear line, healthy protein balls and Deluxe Mix products. She's determined to reshape the health and fitness world.

Sarah's Day is also one half of The Health Code Podcast where she talks all things health, fitness, relationships, career and life, with boyfriend Kurt and are happy to spill all of their secrets! Whether it's chatting about fad diets or their favourite workouts to shed some unwanted kilos, every episode is a unique mix of information, banter and fun.

Uploading weekly podcast episodes to all major platforms, you can listen to them rant about their life and sometimes... each other.


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