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Men's Grooming Routines On The Rise

Facials, skincare and grooming aren’t words you used to hear often in regard to Men but that’s changed and more men are taking better care of their skin. Grooming has gone beyond being well-dressed or a tidy beard so what’s it all about?!

Good grooming, involves the whole man. More than just the clothes he wears or the way he cuts his hair, grooming reflects nothing more and nothing less than the image a man has of himself and his ability to project that image to the world around him. Given the swiftly ever-changing working landscape of today, it is not always easy to be up-to-the-minute and relevant. It is the aim of this feature to simplify the task, to explain the alternatives that exist in such glorious profusion, and to assist each individual to choose from the massive amounts of products and services available to them.  In short, the combination of a healthy grooming regime and facial procedures is soon becoming as appropriate and personal to him as his signature.

In the past few years, there has been much talk about a menswear grooming revolution. But thus far, the reports of the American male have been highly exaggerated. Most of us still want to be well dressed and well groomed. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that all this talk and publicity has made most men aware that what they are wearing and how they are groomed reflects some kind of aesthetic statement. In modern times, men are looking into the mirror and wondering if they could appear fresh-faced or dare I say it; younger.  At present, grooming awareness is in the air and not just the rarified levels of a few metropolitan types. Even more dramatic then the news in clothing is the transformation that has come over the male grooming scene. Most explosive has been the change in attitude towards skin.

The pressures on the executive in the big companies today- the continual travel, has put a premium on youth; the man past thirty-five knows he has to continue to look young and vital or the risk of being bypassed for promotion. Also, the growing divorce rate has had its effect, too. A divorced man, dating again, wants to look younger, more interesting; he prefers to change his image when he considers changing his life. These various influences affect most men. If you speak with the majority of men today, they will perk up when you talk about grooming and how to appear dressed for successful with a youthful glow. We now see grooming as a vital part in reconstructing our image.

Leaving aside the possibility of a mustache and beard, the skin itself can radiate health and vitality. The key to healthy skin, almost all experts agree, is cleanliness. In short, upon rising in the morning, wash with mild soap and water. Shaving also cleans the surface of the skin, too. However abrasive it may be. When you come home at night, use a cleansing lotion.

As we soon enter into the second decade of the 21st century, more and more men are realizing the value of having regular facials as well as facial procedures. Some of the dermatologists report that almost half their clients are now men.


Source: Forbes

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