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Tom & Luke 50% Less Sugar Snackaballs™

3 all new flavours and an all new recipe make these healthy snack options a great choice!

Tom & Luke 50% Less Sugar Snackaballs™ product range

Tom & Luke's Snackaballs™ are a delicious tasty option when it comes to healthy snacks. Perfect for the lunchbox or on the go and in a variety of amazing flavours.

Now, Tom & Luke have released Snackaballs™ that have 50% less sugar* and in 3 exciting new flavours! Their new range has a completely new recipe that delivers a lighter texture and lower sugar and of course minimal ingredients without all the stuff you don't need.

Maple & Almond is cashew based and is packed with health benefits from carefully selected ingredients like cacao butter, pumpkin powder, faba and pea protein and natural maple syrup. 

Apple & Chia is also cashew based and features fantastic health benefits from carefully selected ingredients like faba bean and pea protein, chicory root fibre and omega-3 rich Chia Seeds.

Berry & Buckwheat is cashew based and is packed with health benefits from carefully selected ingredients like elderberry juice, faba bean and pea protein, beetroot powder and health superstar, Buckwheat.

Tom & Luke's Snackaballs™ are gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly so a great snack to almost all tastes and dietary requirements.

Find out more at tomandluke.com


* 50% less sugar than the average sugar content in the Tom & Luke Snackaball™ Original’s products



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