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We’re big on education and helping people understand what works best for them and how they can achieve their goals.

Expert advice from qualified speakers on a range of different topics covering health, wellness, fitness and more to help you understand what's what and take home information to help you with your health & fitness goals. 


Check out our speakers and topics below.


Voices of Hope Panel

Saturday 2:00pm

It’s time we start looking after both our physical AND mental health. Join mental health advocates Jazz Thornton and Gen Mora (Voices of Hope) plus John Kirwan, Geena Pannett (Les Mills Group Fitness Manager) and DJ Forbes (NZ All Black Sevens Great) for a panel on Mental Health!

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Reclaiming Your Health

Saturday 4:00pm

In this action-packed workshop, Celine breaks down the keys to 'Reclaiming Your Health' by working with you, almost as if it were a personal consultation on one of her retreats. She looks at where your health is right now and helps give you tangible tools to break down your daily routine, by reflecting and improving on your quality of life.

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From Burnout to Exponential Energy

Sunday 11:00am

You know that ‘Energy Slump’ roller coaster – it’s time to get off. Imagine if you didn’t need any stimulants and didn’t experience an energy crash during the afternoon? What would you be able to accomplish in a day if you had energy to thrive? It’s possible for all of us to have exponential energy so we can all live the lives we love.

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Living Your Best Life From The Inside Out

Sunday 12:00pm

Living your best life from the inside out... if we start working on this then everything will follow.. Dan Conn talks about his experiences and his point of view on overcoming obstacles and finding a better balance to live OUR best lives.

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6 Foundations of Health

Saturday 11:00am

In this talk on the 6 foundation principles of health, you’ll come away with practical actions that you can apply immediately as well as some food for thought that may question your current beliefs of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. WARNING: contains offensive language

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Diversity in Health Panel

Sunday 3:00pm

A panel discussion on what health looks and feels like for different women who have each taken a different path to finding theirs.

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How to Health

Saturday 1:00pm

Why stress may be the element holding you back from your own best health.

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Happy Hormones - a guide to understanding how your hormones work

Saturday 3:00pm

You deserve to understand how hormones work and how best to support them. When you do, you can prevent or reduce annoying hormonal related symptoms like PMS, painful periods, acne, sore breasts, heavy bleeding, or an irregular cycle. Holistic Nutritionist and author, Jessica Giljam-Brown will teach you the in's and out's of your cycle and how best to support it.

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Moving and Eating Right For You

Saturday 12:00pm

Join Lisa Grey, BePure’s Clinical Manager, to unravel the uniqueness of human bodies, and explain why eating and moving for your unique body is your next step towards optimal health and fitness.

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Feeding The Brain In The Modern World

Sunday 2:00pm

1 billion people, nearly 1 and 6 of the worlds population now suffer from a neurological illness. Join Angus Brown, CEO at Ārepa Nootopics and learn about the development of the Worlds Smartest Beverage made in New Zealand and the new discoveries around nutrition and the brain. on.

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Life Balance

Sunday 1:00pm

Rachel Grunwell shares her top tips to live life more in balance, including everything from fitness and food to mindset strategies.

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