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ManukaRx Hand Cream

ManukaRx Hand Cream combines the antibacterial effectiveness of mānuka oil and the amazing traits of kakadu plum oil.

Even though we've had a pretty mild winter here in NZ, our skin can still leave it feeling dry, itchy and irritated. Even hot water from hot showers to doing the dishes dries out your skin by stripping it of its natural oils. Our hands are always exposed to the elements and because we need to touch everything, they take a bit of a toll. Fortunately we've got brand new product from ManukaRx!


ManukaRx Hand Cream with East Cape Mānuka Oil moisturises your skin with its sensationally softening, botanical based, hydrating formula without that oily or greasy. 

East Cape mānuka oil just so happens to be one of the most potent essential oils on the planet with antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial superpowers that fight all of the bad every day bacteria that our hands come in contact with. Traditionally, Maori used various parts of mānuka for topical treatments for things like wounds and cuts, sores and skin diseases. An infusion of the bark was used externally and internally as a sedative, and to treat scalds and burns. The ash from the bark was rubbed onto the skin to treat skin diseases, while vapour from leaves boiled in water was used for colds. The inner bark was boiled and the liquid used as a mouthwash.

So instead of just covering up damaged skin, it helps the skin to repair and defend itself. It’s stronger than tea tree oil, and is known to help prevent acne and many minor skin irritations.

On the flipside, kakadu plum oil boasts the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C infusing your body with ample antioxidant defences while promoting collagen production in skin cells.

ManukaRx Hand Cream helps to lock in moisture, fights bad bacteria and remains breathable. All of the ingredients in this hydrating hand cream are sustainably sourced and comes in packaging that aren’t detrimental to our planet with easily recyclable and reusable glass pots.

Harness the plant-powered benefits of East Cape manuka oil. ManukaRx's natural skincare is made locally in New Zealand, suitable for all skin types, and scientifically formulated to help with a whole host of skin conditions.

Check out ManukaRx Hand Cream and the full range of ManukaRx products online at manukarx.co.nz


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