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Eat Jelly for Dessert Every Day

It’s not a typo. Not Jelly Tips or jelly and ice-cream (unless it’s coconut nice-cream). Jelly is simply made from gelatin and 100% fruit juice.

 *Extract from MY NUTRITION MENTOR by Liv Kennedy

It’s not a typo. Not Jelly Tips or jelly and ice-cream (unless it’s coconut nice-cream). Jelly is simply made from gelatin and 100% fruit juice. All the goodness comes from gelatin. Gelatin is made by boiling animal bones, cartilage and skin to extract the collagen. Collagen is an important protein that connects muscles, bones and skin in animals and humans. Gelatin boasts all of the same benefits as collagen because they contain the same amino acids.


Jelly cubes


Top 10 reasons why you should eat jelly every day (or every night for dessert!):

  1. Gelatin is 98-99% protein. The amino acids in gelatin and collagen make up about 30% of the proteins in our body.

  2. It’s versatile and flavourless. Gelatin can be added when you use protein powder e.g. protein shakes/smoothies

  3. Gelatin contains amino acids (yes, jelly contains protein!) that promote good digestion. It is especially beneficial for leaky gut, it provides our gut cells with the nourishment it needs to repair itself

  4. It is anti-aging. Gelatin and collagen provide the body with the protein it needs to maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Collagen is marketed as a beauty food

  5. The proteins in gelatin and collagen support joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and injury recovery, by promoting the regeneration of cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Gelatin and/or collagen are highly recommended for athletes. It supports recovery, muscle growth/maintenance, and strong joints. Athletes put a lot more stress on their joints than the average person

  6. Gelatin is an easy substitute for bone broth. They contain the same amino acids, but it saves you the time and labour of boiling bones for days (not to mention the smell!), or the expense of buying pre-made bone broth. Of course, the whole food (bone broth) is always best, but sometimes we just need convenience in today’s busy world

  7. The protein content in gelatin can help you feel fuller for longer, similarly to other high- protein foods. This may support weight loss/management and regulate hunger hormones

  8. Gelatin makes jelly but collagen does not. Gelatin dissolves in water but collagen doesn’t. Gelatin is easier to incorporate into your diet, while collagen is more practical in supplement form

  9. It fills the gap in today’s diet which neglects nose-to-tail eating. The diet of our ancestors naturally contained gelatin. Muscle meats lack the amino acids that provide all of these benefits

  10. Jelly is delicious and well-liked. Different flavours of fruit juice can be used to create different flavours of jelly. Blackcurrant or pomegranate juice are the best, these are much better than orange, pineapple or tropical. These fruits rich in antioxidants make an amazing purple colour


Bowl of red jelly


Keep squares of jelly in the fridge. When you feel like something sweet, grab a piece of jelly. Eat about 5-6 cubes every day. You can’t overdose on gelatin. You’re more likely to overdose on fructose in the fruit juice. This is the only time fruit juice is recommended. #healthytakeaways


Why you should add bone broth or collagen to gelatin

Do you have leaky gut, joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, or are you recovering from an injury?
How about poor-quality skin, hair or nails? If yes, incorporate bone broth, gelatin and/or collagen.

Bone broth can be homemade or bought in pouch/powder form. Homemade or fresh pouches are best. Powder is the next best option, it is freeze-dried. Add to cooking including soups, stews/casseroles, risottos, and cooking grains. Use gelatin powder to make homemade jelly and even add to smoothies.

Collagen powder is perfect in any drinks, it dissolves nicely into smoothies and hot drinks.

Even if the answer was no, bone broth, gelatin and collagen can still be consumed for good health.

This is an extraction from Liv Kennedy's book My Nutrition Mentor.

Check out Liv's first book here: MY NUTRITION MENTOR



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Image of My Nutrition Mentor from Liv Kennedy

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About the author

Liv Kennedy

Olivia Kennedy’s mission is “to educate, empower, inspire, motivate, mentor and coach clients from all walks of life, to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.”

Liv is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist, and combines her love of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and lifestyle advice, to treat her clients holistically. She not only addresses symptoms, but delves deep to determine the cause of her client’s health issues.

Liv creates individualised plans for her clients with tailored recommendations, as everyone is unique. She provides simple, idiot-proof treatment plans that are interesting and sustainable long-term.

Liv feels rewarded and satisfied working with clients, and their improvements enlighten her.

Liv is a wealth of knowledge, and lives and breathes health and wellness. She practises what she preaches, whilst believing that occasional treats nourish the mind and soul.


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